Bruce Johnson

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Bruce Johnson

Chief Business Officer

Bruce Johnson’s background includes diversified education and executive and entrepreneurial experience.  He attended South Kent Prep School and Rutgers and Seton Hall Universities; has held office within trade associations and various civic organizations, completed specialized insurance and IT coursework and been a licensed insurance producer.

After a brief tenure on Wall Street, Bruce found his challenge within the insurance industry with emphasis on legal compliance and operations. He was one of a team of four that started Hanover Life from “scratch”.  He served as Personnel Director for a large NYC-based insurance organization. Later, after serving as VP Operations of a national insurer, he consulted nationally in the life and health industry.  In the 90’s he joined a small agency and co-founded a third party administrator in New Jersey. That TPA eventually grew to include administration of self-funded health plans for several major casinos and other mid-sized employers. Management activities included day-to-day oversight of multi-million dollar financial and administrative operations as well as related interaction with client HR units.  Bruce continued in a compliance/operations consulting role after sale of the TPA in 1995 until 2011.

Particular strengths include the ability to research, analyze and interpret laws and regulations.  Experiential wisdom supports the ability to quickly assess varied internal operations, formulate policies and procedures and build team cohesion.

After a taste of semi-retirement, Bruce joined Executive Education Academy Charter School in 2016.  As Chief of Staff he oversaw the establishment of the Business Office including all day-to-day financial, data reporting and human resource activities. In addition, as Chief Business Officer he oversees compliance and other procedural projects.  Bruce thrives on the diversity of each day’s opportunities and challenges.