School Founders

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EEACS Founders

Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown, PA was founded by Robert Lysek, Stephen Flavell, Carol Trench, and Jennifer Mann.  The school’s founders designed an academic environment with the intent to service the community and provide a high-quality educational choice for students and their families.  Currently, Lysek and Flavell serve as CEO and COO of the charter school, respectively.
EEACS has stayed true to the founders’ commitment to serving the community, educating over one thousand students from nearly a dozen different districts across the Lehigh Valley.  There are no screenings, auditions, or tests to be a student at EEACS.  EEACS will serve any child that complies with PDE Charter School Admission regulations.
  • Robert Lysek
  • Stephen Flavell
  • Carol Trench
  • Jennifer Mann