Staff Directory

Staff Directory2020-02-07T11:53:09-05:00
Name Position/Title Email Address
Abi-Daher, Selma Controller
Acevedo, Fabian Attendance and Truancy Coordinator (K-12th Grades)
Agosto, Christine Paraprofessional
Alpha, Terry Registered Nurse
Anderson, Toomey Career Advisor
Andrews, Leslie Paraprofessional
Andrews, Shannon Teacher (3rd Grade)
Arnold, Hanna Building Substitute
Baker, Richard Community Coach (High School)
Barbosa, Raymond Building Substitute
Bartholomew, Leah Teacher (Kindergarten)
Bartholomew, Thomas Teacher (4th Grade)
Behmlander, Kyle H/PE Teacher (High School)
Becker, Heidi Director of Curriculum, Instruction (High School)
Becker, Shane Teacher (1st Grade)
Bell, Thomas Team Leader (3rd & 4th Grades)
Bennett, Tracy Special Education Paraprofessional – Part Time
Berry, Clair Data/Pims Coordinator
Bingham, Juliann Secondary Special Education Teacher
Bjorkman, Kim Food/Data Analyst
Black, Brandon Community Coach (Elementary)
Blum, Karen ESL Teacher (Elementary)
Brescia, Amanda English & Social Studies Teacher (5th Grade)
Brown-Thompson, Tananarive Building Substitute Teacher
Burcin, Robert Team Leader (5th & 6th Grades)
Cappuccino, Katie Teacher (9th Grade Science)
Carreras, Melissa Community Coach
Case, Heather Teacher (8th Grade Math)
Caseino, Chris Teacher (6th Grade Math/Science)
Cespedes, Carmen Secondary Spanish Teacher (High School)
Collazo, Lisandra Teacher (10th Grade Science)
Colon, Joseph Building/Facility Specialist
Constant, Allison Secondary Math Teacher (High School)
Cuevas, Mireika Administrative Assistant – Part Time
Cuevas, Tim Interventionist – Teacher
Cunningham, Ryan Secondary Health/PE – Teacher
David, Amanda MTSS Coordinator
DeOleo, Ana Community Coach (3rd & 4th Grades)
Diaz, Nicholas Teacher (4th Grade)
Douglas, Rebekah Administrative Assistant
Drago, Tracy Building Substitute Teacher (Elementary)
Dum, Marcy ESL Teacher (Middle School)
Edge, Andrea Art Teacher (Middle School)
Emershaw, Jared Special Education Teacher (Middle School)
Evans, Janelle Paraprofessional
Evans, Sarah Director of Special Education
Farrel-Stohr, Regina Registered Nurse
Feichtel, Bernadette Special Education Teacher
Feldman, Andrew School Counselor
Flavell, Stephen COO
Ford, Christopher Team Leader (7th & 8th Grades)
Formica, Heather Teacher (3rd Grade)
Fox, Alyssa Secondary ELA Teacher (9th Grade)
Frankenfield, Chad Secondary History Teacher
Frisch, Abigail Math Teacher (7th Grade)
Fulcher, Robert, E Chief of Staff
Garcia, Juan Teacher (5th Grade Math)
Garguilo, Kaylee Special Education (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)
Garvin, Jonathan Secondary Business Teacher (High School)
George, Bethany Teacher (Kindergarten)
George, Jamal Student Services Manager
Goudy, Anastasia Gifted Support (Middle School), Physics Teacher (High School)
Graziano, Susan Special Education Teacher
Hargrove, Daniel Instructional Technology Specialist
Harmon, Clifford, IV Chief School Director (Middle School)
Harrison, Elizabeth Special Education (5th & 6th Grades)
Hoch, Stacey Teacher (2nd Grade)
Horvath, Nicole Teacher (2nd Grade)
Hudak, Kaleigh Stem Teacher(Elementary)
Hutzayluk, Stephanie Asst Principal of Cur&Instruction (Middle School)
Hyland, Veronica Media Librarian
Ingram, Jayme Health/PE Teacher (Elementary)
Janiga, Kimberly Teacher (1st Grade)
Johnson, Amy Teacher (1st Grade)
Johnson, Bruce Chief Business Officer
Johnson, Kevin Secondary Math Teacher (10th Grade)
Klump, Lindsey Building Sub (K-4th Grade)
Klas, Tamara Chief School Director (Elementary)
Kline, Aimee Teacher (5th Grade)
Lear, Jason Building Sub (9th-12th Grade)
Lear, Kathryn Interventionist Teacher
Leon, Danielle Art Teacher (9th-10th Grades)
Lessel, Andrew Interventionist Teacher
Lewis, Mark English Teacher (7th Grade)
Lu, Sheng Mandarin Teacher (Elementary)
Lysek, Angela School Psychologist
Lysek, Robert CEO 
Lysek, Caroline Administrative Assistant 
Mahalak, Tarra Teacher (6th Grade ELA/SS)
Martinez, Karla Spanish Teacher 
Matyus, George Business (5th – 8th Grades) 
Mayberry, Megan Art Teacher  (11th & 12th Grades) 
McCormick, Sean Buisness Teacher (11th Grade)
Meixell, Kristen Teacher (Kindergarten) 
Miller, Stephen Computer Teacher  (Elementary) 
Mirto, Wendy ELA Teacher (High School) 
Mula, Shera Contracted- I/T Administration
Musselman, Jacqueline Teacher (Elementary School)
Nappa, Robert Teacher (9th Grade Math)
O’Brien, Tiffany Chief Academic Officer 
Orr, Alexander Secondary Business Teacher (High School)
Ortiz, Mary Administrative Assistant 
Oswald, Aubree Teacher (5th-6th Grade Spec ED)
 Pabst, Sara Art (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) 
Parrish, Kyle M. Teacher (8th Grade) 
Paulik, Ashley Building Substitute 
Pena, Jane Administrative Assistant 
Pena, Roberto School Facility Manager 
Perlman, Lauren Teacher (Kindergarten) 
Peters, Sheri Secondary Science Teacher (11th grade) 
Phillips, Melody Teacher (1st Grade)
Pressman (Van Kooten), Brittany Teacher (2nd Grade) 
Prodes, Taylor Secondary History Teacher (10th Grade) 
Quinn, Melissa Teacher (6th Grade) 
Quintana, Lizette Special Education Teacher 
Reiss, Keith Community Coach (Middle School)
Resto, Hector English Second Language (Elementary School)
Ricciutti, Michael Chief of Student Services 
Richiez, Alexandra Teacher (4th grade) 
Ringholm, Jennifer ESL Teacher  (High School) 
Ripka, Rebecca Team Leader (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) 
Riquelmy, Natalie ELA  (11th & 12 Grade)
Ritter, Mary Teacher (7th Grade) 
Rivera, Amy English Teacher (8th Grade) 
Rivera, Stephen Career Advisor (High School) 
Schneck, Stacey Interventionist – Teacher 
Schneider, Shane Community Coach (High School) 
Schray, Jenna Registered Nurse
Selby, Anthony Paraprofessional – Special Education
Semler, Stephanie Teacher (3rd Grade) 
Shior, Rachel Science Teacher (8th Grade) 
Smith, Jami Special Education Teacher (Middle School)
Smith, Justin History Teacher (High School) 
Smith, Katie Secondary Math Teacher (High School) 
Sos, Susan Executive Assistant
Soto, Seville ELA (High School)
Strunk, Marisa ELA, Social Studies (5th Grade) 
Sproat, Maria Special Education Teacher (High School)
Szafranski, David School Safety and Security Coordinator
Talib, Terrance Community Coach (5th-6th Grade)
Thomas, Heather Teacher (6th Grade)
Trad, Natasha Teacher (2nd Grade) 
Tuosto, John Admissions Coordinator 
Tuosto, Lori Paraprofessional 
Ubele, Robert Chief School Director (High School) 
Ventura, Kathya Teacher (9th-10th Grade Spanish)
Wagner, Mark Human Resource / Athletic Director
Waldron, Andrew Team Leader (11th & 12th Grades) 
Wallbillich, Diana Teacher (3rd Grade) 
Warner, John Social Studies Teacher (7th Grade) 
Watts, Michael Community Engagement Coordinator 
Weaver, Katelyn Special Education (5th & 6th Grades)
Weber, Jonathan Speech and Language Pathologist
Weiss, Shana Career Advisor 
Weller, Blair Assistant Facility Manager 
Weller, Bryan Facility Manager 
Wendel, Jennifer Secondary English Teacher (11th Grade) 
Wiltshire, Stephan Team Leader (9th & 10th Grades)
Yeakel, Kiersten Director of Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary School) 
Zander, Colin Health/PE  Teacher (Middle School)