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Watch the video above to get a look inside the elementary school environment at Executive Education Academy Charter School. 

Elementary School Curriculum Overview

Elementary school students are provided with a strong foundation in the four core areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social studies each day. The curriculum for each grade level is reviewed through a curriculum cycle to ensure alignment to the Pennsylvania State Standards. This process involves teachers, specialists, and administrators with the goal that students at each grade level will move on to the next grade with the same base of knowledge. Students are assessed using common assessments. In addition to core content areas, students also receive instruction in the special areas, which include Art, Business & Computers, Physical Education, Mandarin, STEM, and Library.

For more information about content expectations, please contact our Chief Academic Officer, Tiffany O’Brien.


As per the governor’s order, during this indefinite closure, EEACS is not required to provide education to students. However, we would like to provide a recommended regimen to all students with resources they may access online while they are safe in their homes. Again, we are not requiring students to follow this regimen and we do understand that not all students have the same access to technology and internet, but we are recommending this to keep students engaged if possible. Please reference the elementary recommendations and the online resources below and check these daily. They will be updated frequently over the next few days. Also, be sure to check our FB page regularly.

Team Leaders

Rebecca Ripka
Rebecca RipkaTeam 1 Leader (K - 2nd Grade)
Thomas Bell
Thomas BellTeam 2 Leader (3rd & 4th Grade)
Kiersten Yeakel
Kiersten YeakelDirector of Curriculum & Instruction