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Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

This policy governs EEACS’ expectations of all Employees regarding Student confidentiality. During the course of employment by EEACS, Employees may come to possess certain confidential information relating to Students, which is not generally known to the public.  


  1. Confidential Student information includes any and all records and reports which directly identify a Student, and which are maintained by the School or by a party acting for the School. Confidential information can exist in any medium including, but not limited to, handwritten, typed, text, computer-generated, videotaped, audiotaped or filmed.
  2. At no time may any Student records be released to anyone, including a Student’s Parent/Guardian, unless specifically authorized by the CEO or designee, who will ensure that any such action is legally compliant pursuant to a signed release, Court order or administrative directive.
  3. Student records and personalities should be discussed only with appropriate people in the education setting, for a legitimate business purpose. Student behavior problems should not be part of any public discussion. Professional discretion and courtesy must be used at all times, whenever discussing any Student concerns, even among Staff.