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How to Apply2018-04-11T16:20:38-04:00

The EEACS Application Process

The EEACS application process is easy! In only three simple steps, your child may soon be enrolled in the leading charter school in Allentown.

  • Schedule a tour of EEACS. See the school, its classrooms, and its facilities and meet the teachers and support staff.

  • Our admissions director sets up an appointment with you. During this time, you’ll fill out all of the required paperwork.

  • If there is an opening, you’ll get a call from our admissions department and we’ll select a day for your child to start.

The Lottery

In our Allentown charter school, the cap per grade is 104 students. As is the case, this means there may be times when there are no openings in EEACS. However, we still accept applications. In the chance of an opening, a prospective student’s application is randomly selected. Please note, we do give preference to siblings.