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Charter School vs Public School

As charter schools gain more popularity across the country, it’s common for members of the public to have questions. What is a charter school? What subjects are offered? How does a charter school differ from a regular district school? How is it the same?

A charter school is a public school. Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown is bound by many of the same rules, policies, and regulations placed on other area school districts by the government. Our students have to take standardized testing. They have to spend a required number of days in the classroom. We don’t require entrance exams or charge tuition. We’re open to all students in grades K-12 … and we are not-for-profit .

Despite all of these similarities, there are a few differences that make our Lehigh Valley charter school stand out compared to our neighbors.

Charter Schools Have More Autonomy

While charter schools are authorized by a local school district, they are governed by their own board of trustees and by a school specific charter. This charter establishes rules, regulations, and performance standards that the students, faculty, and staff must meet.

As such, charter schools have more independence to help customize an educational atmosphere best fit for their students. This is why we can offer our one-of-a-kind business education curriculum. But this doesn’t mean that “anything goes.” If charter schools fail to comply with state and federal laws and requirements outlined in their charter, or if they do not meet performance standards, they can be shut down.   

Charter Schools Offer More Rigorous Academics

Because we have more freedom, EEACS and other charter schools can challenge our students with more rigorous academics than a typical public school can. We specifically focus on business education, college prep, and technology. Meanwhile, some charter schools may focus on the arts, performance, or science. Our specialized education, along with small class sizes and well experienced teachers, gives students the chance to not only learn the basics of reading and math but also find their passion.

We also offer gifted programs, ESL, and special education.

Enrollment Is More Competitive

Public schools are open to students living within their district. Charter schools are open to any student in appropriate grades as long as they live in Pennsylvania. Regardless of family income, race, or ability, all students are welcome at the “Home of the Raptors”

However, in accordance with our charter and self-imposed limits, we only accept a certain number of  students in each grade. This means enrollment is a little more competitive than it would be at an average public school. We encourage families to take a tour of EEACS and fill out an application as soon as possible. When a grade is full, prospective students are placed on a waiting list.

If your child is struggling in school or if your child wants an education that provides greater depth and support than they’re currently receiving, a charter school like EEACS may be the right option. We encourage you to contact enrollment specialists at our school today to learn more about the differences your child can experience when they make the switch to EEACS.

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