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Faculty Resources

The Faculty Portal gives Executive Education Academy Charter School faculty and staff members the opportunity to access contact information directories, school news and announcements, and other important resources.

News & Announcements

Virtual Learning Update!!

January 15, 2021 Please, click on this link to get the latest update on Executive Education Academy Charter School staying virtual.  

January 15th, 2021|

Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Position/Title Email Address
Abi-Daher, Selma Controller sabidaher@ee-schools.org
Acevedo, Fabian Team Leader (3rd & 4th Grades) faceavedo@ee-schools.org
Agosto, Christine Title 1 Instructional Assistant cagosto@ee-schools.org
Andrews, Leslie Special Education Para sandrews@ee-schools.org
Andrews, Shannon Teacher (3rd Grade) sandrews@ee-schools.org
Becker, Heidi Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment hbecker@ee-schools.org
Becker, Shane Teacher (1st Grade) sbecker@ee-schools.org
Bell, Thomas Team Leader (9th & 10th Grades) tbell@ee-schools.org
Bennett, Tracy Special Education Para tbennett@ee-schools.org
Bingham, Juliann Special Education (11th & 12th Grades) jbingham@ee-schools.org
Bjorkman, Kim Food/Data Analyst kbjorkman@ee-schools.org
Black, Brandon Teacher (5th Grade) bblack@ee-schools.org
Blum, Karen ESL Teacher kblum@ee-schools.org
Bolden, Denisha Special Education (7th & 8th Grades) dbolden@ee-schools.org
Burcin, Robert Team Leader (5th & 6th Grades) rburcin@ee-schools.org
Carreras, Melissa Paraprofessional mcarreras@ee-schools.org
Caseino, Chris Teacher (8th Grade) ccaseino@ee-schools.org
Christian, Ronald, Jr. Special Education Para rchristian@ee-schools.org
Coccia, Michael Community Coach (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) mcoccia@ee-schools.org
Conklin, Joseph Business Teacher jconklin@ee-schools.org
Costenbader, Aubrey Teacher 1st Grade acostenbader@ee-schools.org
Cunningham, Ryan H/PE Teacher rcunningham@ee-schools.org
David, Amanda Academic Coordinator adavid@ee-schools.org
DeOleo, Ana Community Coach (3rd & 4th Grades) adeoleo@ee-schools.org
Diaz, Nicholas Teacher (4th Grade) ndiaz@ee-schools.org
Douglas, Rebekah Administrative Assistant rdouglas@ee-schools.org
Drago, Tracy Teacher (3rd Grade) tdrago@ee-schools.org
Dum, Marcy ESL Teacher mdum@ee-schools.org
Emershaw, Jared Special Education Teacher jemershaw@ee-schools.org
Evans, Janelle Title 1 Instructional Assistant jevans@ee-schools.org
Evans, Sarah Director of Special Education sevans@ee-schools.org
Farrel-Stohr, Regina Nurse rstohr@ee-schools.org
Feichtel, Bernadette Special Education Teacher bfeichtel@ee-schools.org
Feldman, Andrew School Counselor afeldman@ee-schools.org
Flavell, Stephen COO sflavell@ee-schools.org
Ford, Christopher Community Coach (7th & 8th Grades) lford@ee-schools.org
Formica, Heather Teacher (3rd Grade) hformica@ee-schools.org
Frankenfield, Chad Business Teacher cfrankenfield@ee-schools.org
Garguilo, Kaylee Special Education (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) kgarguilo@ee-schools.org
Garvin, Jonathan Building Sub jgarvin@ee-schools.org
George (Dewalt), Bethany Teacher (Kindergarten) bdewalt@ee-schools.org
George, Jamal Operations Manager jgeorge@ee-schools.org
Gilman, Andrea Art (5th – 8th Grades) agilman@ee-schools.org
Good, Tiffany Math Teacher tgood@ee-schools.org
Haddad, Ziad Building Sub zhaddad@ee-schools.org
Harmon, Clifford, IV Team Leader (7th & 8th Grades) charmon@ee-schools.org
Harrison, Elizabeth Special Education (3rd & 4th Grades) eharrison@ee-schools.org
Hayward, Christina School Counselor chayward@ee-schools.org
Hoch, Stacey Teacher (2nd Grade) shoch@ee-schools.org
Horvath, Maria Teacher (5th Grade) mhorvath@ee-schools.org
Hutzayluk, Stephanie Teacher (1st Grade) shutzayluk@ee-schools.org
Ingram, Jayme H/PE (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) jingram@ee-schools.org
Johnson, Amy Teacher (2nd Grade) ajohnson@ee-schools.org
Johnson. Bruce Chief Business Officer bjohnson@ee-schools.org
Johnson, Kevin Teacher (10th Grade) kjohnson@ee-schools.org
Klas, Tamara Chief School Director (Lower School) tklas@ee-schools.org
Lear, Kathryn Building Sub klear@ee-schools.org
Lewis, Mark Teacher (7th Grade) mlewis@ee-schools.org
Lu, Sheng Mandarin (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) slu@ee-schools.org
Lysek, Angela School Psychologist alysek@ee-schools.org
Lysek, Robert CEO blysek@ee-schools.org 
Lysek, Caroline Administrative Assistant clysek@ee-schools.org 
MacMillan, Jennifer Teacher (6th Grade) jmacmillan@ee-schools.org 
Maldonado, Melanie Certified School Nurse mmaldonado@ee-schools.org 
Manganiello, Gabrielle Building Sub gmanganiello@ee-schools.org 
Marabell, Wynne Instructional Coach (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) wmarabell@ee-schools.org 
Martinez, Karla Spanish Teacher kmartinez@ee-schools.org 
Matyus, George Business (5th – 8th Grades) mmatyus@ee-schools.org 
Mayberry, Megan Art (9th & 10th Grades) mmayberry@ee-schools.org 
McNally, Kaitlynn Teacher (5th Grade) kmcnally@ee-schools.org 
Meixell, Kristen Teacher (Kindergarten) kmeixell@ee-schools.org 
Miller, Stephen Computers (Kindergarten – 4thGrade) smiller@ee-schools.org 
Miller, Tarra Teacher (6th Grade) tmiller@ee-schools.org 
Mirto, Wendy ELA/Gifted wmirto@ee-schools.org 
O’Brien, Tiffany Chief Academic Officer tobrien@ee-schools.org 
Ortiz, Mary Administrative Assistant mortiz@ee-schools.org 
 Pabst, Sara Art (Kindergarten – 4th Grade) spabst@ee-schools.org 
Parrish, Kyle J. Community Coach (9th & 10th Grades) kjparrish@ee-schools.org 
Parrish, Kyle M. Teacher (8th Grade) kmparrish@ee-schools.org 
Pena, Jane Attendance/Truancy Coordinator jpena@ee-schools.org 
Pena, Roberto School Facility Manager rpena@ee-schools.org 
Perlman, Lauren Teacher (Kindergarten) dperlman@ee-schools.org 
Peters, Sheri Teacher (11th grade) speters@ee-schools.org 
Petrik (Gillespie), Kaitlin Teacher (4th Grade) kpetrik@ee-schools.org 
Pressman (Van Kooten), Brittany Teacher (2nd Grade) bpressman@ee-schools.org 
Prodes, Taylor Teacher (10th Grade) tprodes@ee-schools.org 
Quinn, Melissa Teacher (6th Grade) mquinn@ee-schools.org 
Quintana, Lizette Special Education (9th & 10th Grades) lquintana@ee-schools.org 
Reiss, Keith Building Sub kreiss@ee-schools.org
Ricciutti, Michael Chief of Student Services mricciutti@ee-schools.org 
Richiez, Alexandra Teacher (4th grade) arichiez@ee-schools.org 
Ringholm, Jennifer Teacher (9th Grade) jringholm@ee-schools.org 
Ripka, Rebecca Team Leader (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) rripka@ee-schools.org 
Ritter, Mary Teacher (7th Grade) mritter@ee-schools.org 
Rivera, Stephen Community Coach (5th & 6th Grades) srivera@ee-schools.org 
Schatzki, Ralph Teacher (9th Grade) rschatzki@ee-schools.org 
Schneck, Stacy Teacher (1st Grade) sschneck@ee-schools.org 
Schneider, Shane Paraprofessional sschneider@ee-schools.org 
Schray, Jenna Nurse jschray@ee-schools.org
Semler, Stephanie Teacher (3rd Grade) ssemler@ee-schools.org 
Shior, Rachel Teacher (10th Grade) rshior@ee-schools.org 
Smith, Andrea Teacher (6th Grade) asmith@ee-schools.org 
Smith, Justin Teacher (9th Grade) jsmith@ee-schools.org 
Smith, Susan ESL Teacher ssmith@ee-schools.org 
Smith, Timothy Special Education Teacher tsmith@ee-schools.org 
Sos, Susan PIMS/Data Entry Administrator ssos@ee-schools.org 
Sostre, Yailyn Spanish Teacher ysostre@ee-schools.org 
Stoudnour, Kelly Teacher (6th Grade) kstoudnour@ee-schools.org 
Tasker, Michelle Teacher (9th Grade) mtasker@ee-schools.org 
Thomas, Anthony Teacher (4th Grade) athomas@ee-schools.org 
Thomas (Geiger), Heather Teacher (5th Grade) hgeiger@ee-schools.org
Trad, Natasha Teacher (2nd Grade) ntrad@ee-schools.org 
Tuosto, John Admissions Coordinator jtuosto@ee-schools.org 
Tuosto, Lori Instructional Assistant (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade) ltuosto@ee-schools.org 
Ubele, Robert Chief School Director (Upper School) rubele@ee-schools.org 
Wagner, Mark Staffing Development Manager mwagner@ee-schools.org
Waldron, Andrew Team Leader (11th & 12th Grades) awaldron@ee-schools.org 
Wallbillich, Diana Teacher (Kindergarten) dwallbillich@ee-schools.org 
Warner, John Teacher (7th Grade) jwarner@ee-schools.org 
Watts, Michael Community Coordinator mwatts@ee-schools.org 
Weaver, Katelyn Special Education (5th & 6th Grades) kweaver@ee-schools.org
Weber, Jonathan Speech and Language Pathologist jweber@ee-schools.org
Weiss, Shana Instructional Coach (9th – 11th Grades) sweiss@ee-schools.org 
Weller, Blair Assistant Facility Manager blweller@ee-schools.org 
Weller, Bryan Facility Manager brweller@ee-schools.org 
Wendel, Jennifer Teacher (11th Grade) jwendel@ee-schools.org 
Wiltshire, Stephan Community Coach (11th & 12th Grades) swiltshire@ee-schools.org
Worth, Amy Teacher (8th Grade) aworth@ee-schools.org 
Yeakel, Kiersten Teacher (7th Grade) kyeakel@ee-schools.org 
Zander, Colin H/PE (5th – 8th Grades) czander@ee-schools.org