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The purpose of this document is to clarify the Executive Education Academy Charter School “EEACS” Parent Teacher Committee “PTC”, its purpose, duties and responsibilities, and component parts.

PTC Purpose

∙ Foster positive relationships between the school and all related persons pertaining to the wellbeing of the school community (students, parents, administration and faculty).

∙ Promote the study and discussion of all matters relating to the welfare of the students and to support and enrich teaching and learning experiences, recognizing that the CEO or Designee  is the responsible authority for all day-to-day school activities and operations.

∙ Organize fundraising and other needed support for the school and its affiliated foundation in providing innovative programs, activities and curriculum for benefit of all EEACS students.

PTC Duties and Responsibilities

∙ To communicate and cooperate in support of the school community (as defined) in order to increase the quality of education and success of all EEACS students.

∙ To partner with administration and faculty in creating innovative activities to further the social development and cultural awareness of all EEACS students.

∙ To participate in the organization and support of activities in areas including but not limited to: music, theatre, sports, art, and field trips.

∙ To evaluate and recommend creation of and/or participation in projects within the framework of community service.

∙ To participate and support celebratory days and events of significance to the school and its students.

PTC Components

Executive Committee Membership and Responsibilities

  1. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of no more than five voting members to include: the Chief of Student Services as Presiding PTC Liaison; two (2) EEACS Parents and (two (2) EEACS Teachers.  All activities planned and decisions taken shall be communicated by the PTC Liaison to assure the cooperation and collaboration of the School Administration.
  2. There must be a minimum of two (2) members and the PTC Liaison present at any meeting as a quorum in order to effect any PTC action or decision.  
  3. Meetings must be held monthly during the school year, but can be held more frequently as needed.  Summer meetings shall be optional.
  4. An agenda must be shared electronically with all members at least three (3) days prior to any scheduled meeting by the PTC Liaison.
  5. The School Controller shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Committee and will keep track of all incoming and outgoing funds. All PTC Funds will be deposited to/disbursed from a separate school bank account maintained by the School Controller and subject to usual internal controls and audit.
  6. The PTC Liaison may act as or appoint a Secretary to maintain a record of minutes and decisions taken by the Executive Committee and share the meeting minutes with all members of the Committee within seven (7) days after any meeting.
  7. If an Executive Committee member has an unexcused absence for more than two (2) meetings in a school year, then his/her membership may be revoked.
  8. In all Executive Committee meetings: a. meetings will be planned, scheduled and conducted by the PTC Liaison; b. the agenda will control subject matter discussed and acted upon; c. necessary financial reporting and discussion will occur as appropriate; d. other sub-committee reports and activities will be reviewed, discussed and acted upon as appropriate; e. other new business will be entertained and any related actions and assignments will be determined; f. meeting will be adjourned by vote.

General Committee(s) Membership and Responsibilities

  1. There shall be one or more General Committees established, as necessary, to carry out the PTC Duties and Responsibilities as defined. Each Committee shall be either standing or per event as appropriate.
  2.  Members of the Executive Committee shall not participate on any General Committee. Members shall only include current EEACS Parents and Teachers.
  3. Any General Committee may operate as formally or informally as desired however, no action resulting in scheduling or holding an event or the expenditure of any PTC funds shall occur until reviewed/approved by the Executive Committee.
  4. All published material such as flyers, announcements, press releases, whether print, voice or electronic if carrying the school or PTC name must have prior approval of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee reserves the right, subject to School Administration approval, to revise or amend this Constitution from time-to-time.