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Application’s & Technology Instructional Information

The Parent University webpage has been created for the families of our EEACS students. All of our students are provided with a EEACS Chromebook or Ipad to complete their virtual school assignments. All our students have been assigned a username and password to access Google Apps for Education tools, including Google Drive, Calendar, E-mail, and Docs. The Clever portal enables students to access all of our application in one location, allowing easy access and making it easier for your students to have a  successful experience. On this page are help guides to help you Navigate the applications that the students are going to be using. Students are expected to use their Google Account to log into the Chromebook and to use the EEACS-issued email account to send and receive school-related communication. Students must have wireless Internet access available in order to access their online coursework. The Chromebook / Ipad depends entirely on a wireless connection. All work is completed and submitted online.

The EEACS 2020–2021 Virtual Plan

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