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School Nutrition: Health & Wellness at EEACS

At Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown, we’re proud to offer school nutrition programs to our students. This starts by ensuring that students have a healthy diet available to them every day of the week.

Thanks to Lintons Food Services, our students in grades K-12 not only have healthy meals for breakfast and lunch but access to nutritional education they can take home with them, becoming stewards for health and wellness at home and in the community.

Healthy Lunches

Students in grades K-12 receive a daily lunch at our Lehigh Valley charter school. The menu changes slightly from grade to grade to ensure that each student receives the diet that best matches nutritional guidelines for their age. A main course is always provided, along with fruits and vegetables.

Our students enjoy a diverse menu not seen at other schools. From baked penne and fresh taco salads to herbed carrots and white bean salads, our students have the opportunity to try new foods every day of the week. Vegetarian options are also available.

Breakfast Boosts

We know that a successful day starts with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is served to our students daily to ensure that they have the nutrition they need to power through their day. Offering breakfast to students sets us apart from other Lehigh Valley schools, where breakfast is not normally an option.

Like lunches, breakfasts at EEACS include foods from every level of the food pyramid. Students start the day with fresh yogurt, banana muffins, apples, or oatmeal bars. They enjoy these meals during their morning team meetings.

Harvest of the Month

A new initiative our school kicked off this year is the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Every month, students are taught about fresh fruits or vegetables that are grown locally or are popular in other parts of the world. They’re given information about the produce and tips on how they can incorporate it into their diet.

“Harvest of the Month” is produce that will be worked into the students’ lunch menu. Beans were February’s harvest of the month. Students learned about the produce and also got to try it for themselves in delicious lunches such as cajun black beans, three-bean salads, and chilled black bean corn salad.

Nutritional Education

We strive to ensure that students are healthy eaters in school and out. That’s why we focus on school nutrition initiatives that students can take home with them to their families. From the Harvest of the Month and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program to monthly parent newsletters and on-campus seminars, we work to give students and their families the tools they need to be nutritional leaders.

Working hard to teach students how to be healthy citizens is just one more endeavor EEACS is immensely proud of. While we take pride in our educational initiatives, community mentorships, and extracurricular activities, healthy and happy citizens are bound to be just as productive, positive, and influential.

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