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Student Government

Student Government is a vital component of Executive Academy Charter School.  The purpose of this group is to support personal growth, encourage responsibility, promote academics, facilitate social interaction, and create a positive peer culture.  To become a member, a student must demonstrate positive growth through academic achievement, attendance, and positive behavior.  Members of this group are Student leaders who promote the positive peer culture.  Students that attain Student Government status must demonstrate the following:

  • Role model’s student expectations
  • Completion of pledge log
  • Promotes positive behavior
  • Supports the normative culture of   Executive Academy Charter School
  • Provides mentoring for new students and lower status students
  • Supports Staff
  • Ensures Student Processes are followed
  • Communicates with Staff about school-related issues
  • Serves as a role model for his/her peers

Student Government is responsible for the development of positive leadership, the support of positive norms, and provides students with the opportunity for recognition of positive behavior.  Executive Officers are elected by the student body and serve as the government leaders.

All students are eligible to become members of Student Government.  The group exemplifies the philosophy of Executive Academy Charter School by providing support to one’s peers to develop and maintain the school-wide expectations.

Download the Student Government Peer Packet
Download the Student Government Pledge Log